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Welcome to Sundbyberg Public Libraries! Here you will find information about our borrowing regulations and further information on how to use the library resources.

To register as a new patron, please follow this link or contact the library staff. To retrieve a library card you need to present a Swedish postal address and identification (read further below).

Library card

Your library card is for personal use only. You are personally responsible for all materials that are registered to your borrower account until they are checked in properly at the library. Parents are responsible for the loans of their children up to the age of 18 years.
To obtain a library card you need to present a valid identity card, e.g. a driving licence, passport or Migration Board LMA card. If you have a Swedish ID number you need to present a Swedish identity card.
Please bring your library card if you would like to borrow books or book a computer. You can also check out books using your Swedish ID number and personal PIN code. Please contact the library if you lose your card. You will be charged a fee of 20 SEK to replace a lost library card.

Loan period

The ordinary loan period for books is four weeks, but may vary between different items. The due date is printed on the receipt you receive when you borrow.
The loan(s) must be returned by the due date at the latest.
If you lose or damage any item you will have to replace or pay for it.


You may renew the loan period of a book twice if it is not reserved by another patron. You cannot renew loans of DVDs and video games.
Renewals can be done at the library, by telephone or on this webpage via Mina sidor. If the loan period has expired you cannot renew the loan through the web.

Delayed loans

If you do not return the borrowed items by the due date you will be charged a delay fee. This also apply even if your loans has been renewed after the loan period has expired. One week after the due date you will receive a reminder by e-mail or post. A second reminder is sent out after two weeks. If you still have not returned the borrowed items you will receive an invoice after another four weeks.

Self service

There is a self service desk at the library. There you check out items by using your library card and PIN code. You also use the self service desk to return borrowed items. Your library card is not required when returning items. DVDs and games can only be checked in or out by the staff at the library counter.

Booking of computers

To book a computer, you use your library card number or Swedish ID number with your chosen PIN code. You can book the computers for one hour per day. In addition, you can use the drop-in computer for 20 minutes per day. You can make a maximum of three reservations in advance for the coming two days. You can only book computers at the library’s booking unit. The drop-in computers cannot be booked. Your library card and account is for personal use only. It is not allowed to let anyone else use your library card to log on to the computers, family members included.


You must not visit websites with pornographic, racist or offensive content.
It is forbidden to save files on the computer or change the computer’s settings.
No food or drinks are allowed near the computers.
If you severely neglect to follow the libraries’ rules you may be barred from using the computers or be suspended from the libraries.

Printing fees

Black and white A4 print: 3 SEK per page
Black-and-white A3 print: 5 SEK per page
Colour A4 print: 5 SEK per page
Colour A3 print: 10 SEK per page